Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Corporate Goddesses of 580 California Street

Corporate Goddesses
Corporate Goddesses,
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I love these statues. They are at the top of 580 California Street and were made by Muriel Castanis. She described them as "corporate goddesses" in a 1999 San Francisco Chronicle piece on window washers. These empty figures seem to be a theme of hers.

The building itself was designed by the Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie architecture firm. They have a brief description of the project with images of the whole building.

Update (Oct 2008): Since I first posted this Muriel Castanis died. Her Obituary is in the Nov 2006 New York Times and the LA Times did a story on the statues in Jan 2007.

Update (May 2009): I was contacted by someone in New York who has a 4 foot hanging ghost sculpture by Muriel Castanis for sale. If you are interested, contact me (my email is at the right) and I will pass your interest on.


  1. I heard a story from a security guard in the building that the "corporate goddesses" were originally based on 3 figures portrayed on a Flemish tapestry that was found underneath the building during construction. The tapestry is still displayed in the lobby of 580.

  2. That's an interesting story and it would be great to verify it in some way.

    Since I originally posted this Muriel Castanis died and the LA Times did a story on the statues. (I've updated the post with a link).

  3. Go to 580 California Street in San Francisco. Give security your information, tell them you're going to the 16th floor for suite 1607. Take the elevator and walk into the office and ask the receptionist for the institute indoctrination key. Madness awaits...

  4. We stared each day at these beauties, sometimes fog-misted, from our Hilton hotel room. End of July, early August 2009. Great stuff. Thanks. (Does the building have a name?)

  5. Let me put the tapestry story to rest, I'm Muriel's son and was in her studio in NYC when she made these statues.
    Sorry, no tapestry. she came up with these on her own.