Saturday, October 29, 2005

Is the fauxhawk Germany´s answer to the Mullet?

If I never see another grown man with a fauxhawk again, I will be ever so happy. I realize that the guy with the biggest beard in Germany shouldn´t come down on other people´s grooming choices, but please stop with the fauxhawk. It doesn´t look cool, sexy, hip or tough. It looks as though you can´t make an actual commitment to be edgy. It looks like you snuck out of the house with a normal doo and then did it up so mom never finds out. It should be left to five year old boys with a handful of shampoo in the tub.

And women of Germany, are you really finding this appealing?


  1. amen brotha'...but it is nice to hear that even in Germany, they can't get it right!!! But your beard looks amazing....from the picture a couple of posts down!!! How do the beards rank there in Germany? It's beard season here with it being fall--talk about a lack of commitment, the beards will be gone *just* when they start taking shape and lookin' good....BAH!

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  3. beards are far more faddish than fauxhawks, and generally less appealling to women. you're just mad because being "moderately attractive" is a minimum requisite for having a respectable fauxhawk. to have a respectable beard, one must be "moderately UNattractive" to begin with. i'm sorry for you.

  4. Thanks for posting, Mom! It's good to know you're reading.

  5. i think fauxhawks are very attractive actually. quite possibly because i have one myself?
    and yes, i'm a female. faux hawks can look well done if you know what you're doing! if not they certainly look ridiculous

  6. This cracks me up. Originally, the "moderately attractive" comment was posted three times. Once with the author's blogger name attached and twice as anonymous.

    I'm of the opinion that if you want to insult someone, sign what you say. I rejected the two anonymous versions and allowed the signed post through.

    Months later, I'm cleaning up the comment moderation (mostly spam) and I find that A2A has "deleted" his or her post. But blogger has given me the power to reinstate the anonymous posts.

    So, A2A can run, but can't hide. The body of the self-deleted comment has been restored as one of the two original anonymous comments.

    As someone once told me, "There's nothing quite like anonymous public humiliation". I agree!

  7. i think a2a decided to delete her post... not sure she wants to hide? anyways, i agree that fauhawks look good as anonymous said, but i think they only look good on some people. :)