Thursday, November 30, 2006

Verbs, Verbs, Verbs!

So, I'm at the point, apparently where I have to learn verbs. Remember sometime in grade school learning the past tense of verbs? sink-sank-sunk. drink-drank-drunk. sing-sang-sung. think-thank-thunk. Oh, that's last one isn't right. Well, now you know how I currently sound when speaking to Germans about things that have past.

So I have a list of about 40-50 verbs that simply have to be memorized. It's a good thing I'm not here to goof off. No, that will come on the weekends. Not only does Munich have a Christmas market in nearly every plaza, but there is actually a Medieval-themed Christmas market. This should be entertaining. Be sure to follow the "Deutsch" link so you can check out the photos.

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  1. Have you learned anything new aside from Verbs? It's either you're busy studying hard (should be fluent at German when you leave Germany:) or you've been busy checking out the Medievel Christmas Plaza *g*

    Ok, maybe it's hard to find an internet connection...

    just visiting,