Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web 2.0 Expo -- midway

Okay, so the post a day thing went down the tubes. Right now, I am at the Web 2.0 Expo where the wifi is overloaded, especially when sessions are on. It seems there is no limit to the underestimating of traffic at these things.

Because I can't jump on, I can't check out digg spy at the moment. I also don't have a chance to check out TruthScape.com which is a site set up to help people from getting scammed in the popular free online game RuneScape. It also has some parental advice. However, that last one comes as a recommendation from a parent in the forum I support and not from Web 2.0 people.

I know this will sound overly negative, but I'm really tired of hearing misapplications of the "wisdom of crowds" (the Net Gain of this post-bubble bubble) which most often comes out as a confusion between crowds (people who may be aware of each other, but are not influencing each others actions) and communities (where people are influencing each other through trusted relationships). Crowds are *not* inherently communities.

So far the best session wasn't even on the schedule. Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency and HorsePigCow organized a community roundtable in one of the unused alcoves on the third floor. It was scheduled from 10am to 5pm and I missed the first half, but poked my head in and saw Gail Williams and John Coate who gave it a thumbs up and said they would return after lunch. There's a set of notes and soon to be audio and video (where you can witness just how big my mouth can be).

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