Monday, August 10, 2009

OCTribe Call for Participation - Tuesday Topic

How OCTribe works
Each 2nd Tuesday and 4th Tuesday of the month, one of the bloggers in the loosely defined OCTribe group makes a call for posts related to a particular topic of online communities. Then the same blogger posts a summary and links to the submissions.

Write something related to the topic tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11), tag it #octribe, and your post will be linked from the recap page. This conversational project is just starting, so please join in!

The Aug 11 Topic: Fostering culture in and around online communities
Share your experiences and ideas around any of these:
  • fostering or identifying emerging customs or taboos in an online community (for example, here's a story of an academic who discovered "that game rules encouraging competition and varied tactics hardly mattered to gaming community members who wanted to preserve a deeply-rooted culture."
  • establishing or fostering culture within the organization hosting an online community
  • culture clashes between online communities or between community and host organization
  • offline and online culture influencing each other (for example, the prevelance of caste based groups on Orkut as a mirror of India's society

You might also find inspiration from Forum One's Online Community Culture study conducted Oct 2008.

How to participate:
  • Post your thoughts on online communities and culture sometime between now and Tuesday, Aug 11.
  • Tag your posts, tweets, photos, slides with #octribe
    - shoot me a quick email to make sure I include your post in the round up.
  • Come back Wednesday, Aug 12 to see what your fellow Online Community Tribe members have to say.
If you would like to host a future OCTribe topic, email Bill Johnston.

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